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Acoustics ’17 Boston

« Acoustic surface waves measurements by self mixing array transducers for nondestructive testing and structure health monitoring applications » Roberto Longo, Ladji Adiaviakoye, Romain Feron, Mathieu Feuilloy, Alain Le Duff, Guy Plantier.

Acoustics ’17 Boston
25–29 June 2017
173rd Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America and the 8th Forum Acusticum

EAGE/DGG Workshop on Fibre Optics Technology in Geophysics

31 March 2017 – Potsdam, Germany

The aim of the workshop is to bring and invite contributions from academics, researchers, industry experts and research funding agencies to discuss geoscientific research fields where fibre-optic technologies are involved and could be used.

We are presenting a poster at this event : « The LINES High Resolution Optical Seismometer »

P. Bernard1, G. Plantier2,7, C. Brunet1, A. Nercessian1, A. Sourice2, M. Feuilloy2,7, R. Feron2,7, M. Cattoen3, H.C. Seat3, P. Chawah3, J. Chery4, F. Boudin4,5, D. Boyer6 and S. Gaffet5

1 IPGP, 2 ESEO, 3 OSELAAS, 4 GMontpellier, 5 ENS, 6 LSBB, 7 LAUM

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