EAGE/DGG Workshop on Fibre Optics Technology in Geophysics

31 March 2017 – Potsdam, Germany

The aim of the workshop is to bring and invite contributions from academics, researchers, industry experts and research funding agencies to discuss geoscientific research fields where fibre-optic technologies are involved and could be used.

We are presenting a poster at this event : « The LINES High Resolution Optical Seismometer »

P. Bernard1, G. Plantier2,7, C. Brunet1, A. Nercessian1, A. Sourice2, M. Feuilloy2,7, R. Feron2,7, M. Cattoen3, H.C. Seat3, P. Chawah3, J. Chery4, F. Boudin4,5, D. Boyer6 and S. Gaffet5

1 IPGP, 2 ESEO, 3 OSELAAS, 4 GMontpellier, 5 ENS, 6 LSBB, 7 LAUM

More on : https://eage.org/event/?eventid=1518